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The Postal Service

One of the most perfect songs made ever. So excited to see them this Friday <3

I’ll be the waterwings that save you if you start drowning
In an open tab when your judgment’s on the brink
I’ll be the phonograph that plays your favorite
Albums back as you’re lying there drifting off to sleep…”

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브로콜리 너마저 - 1/10

New Broccoli!

Wall Street’s credit-derivatives traders, who before the financial crisis commanded $2 million of annual pay, are being replaced by machines as banks cut costs and heed new regulations.

UBS AG, Switzerland’s biggest bank, fired its head of credit-default swaps index trading, David Gallers, last week, with no plan to fill the position, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Instead, the bank replaced Gallers with computer algorithms that trade using mathematical models, said the people, who asked not to be identified because moves are private.

Can someone explain exactly why derivatives traders were getting paid $2MM/annually before their techniques were automated?

Business: Washington Post Business Page, Business News

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Did you ever stop to think that the Universe decided to have a (insert your name) experience? It isn’t the other way around. You, whoever you think you are, can’t heal your bones. You don’t make your heart beat. You don’t have to sit and think about making your food digest. If you have a child, you aren’t the one inside it making it tick and commanding it to grow. The Universe is at work in so many wonderful ways, and it doesn’t stop just because we begin to think we know everything in the adult system. Hell, everything we know is just a story that we’ve made up to help us organize this reality anyway. And since it’s only a story – feel free to change it at any time.
Jason Mraz
Here’s the thing about being a girlie girl. I think there was a generation before us that felt like they needed to act like men to be taken seriously, like they had to use their sexuality to take control of people. I don’t judge people for that. But I don’t want to take all my clothes off and use myself as an object. It’s part of the machine and I don’t think that necessarily pushes us forward as women. I think you can still be girlie and maintain your power. The fact that you associate being girlie with being non-threatening, that is I mean, I can’t think of more blatant example of playing into exactly the thing that we’re trying to fight against. I can’t be girlie? Why do I need to be defined aesthetically by someone else’s perceptions of what makes me seem like someone who should be taken seriously? I’m going to wear whatever I want to wear, because I’m expressing myself, and I deserve that right. And I like the way that looks. You’re not demeaning yourself by acting girlie. I think the fact that people are associating being girlie with weakness, that needs to be examined. Not me dressing girlie. I don’t think that undermines my power at all.
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